Writing for SEO vs. Humans

From a content generation perspective, the concept of writing for humans versus search engines merits a conversation.

We here at SteerPoint added an in-house content generation department to our long list of services, and now offer personalized blogging and writing services for our clients. We feel our clients are in a better position connect with customers and be found on the web by producing fresh content.

But who (or what) should we be writing for? Should it be for the tangible, real people pounding on the keyboards and clicking on the mouse? Or should it be for the search engines that crawl through the web, utilizing algorithms to rank pages based on keywords, freshness and other variables? Can it be both? All of these are important questions to understand when writing for SEO.

How Do I Write for Search Engines?

SEOEmphasize Keywords — We’ve discussed the importance of keywords before, but the conversation bears repeating. Keywords are everywhere, and are very important. Implementing them all over your page means using them thoroughly in the body of your work and in the title of your page. How do you figure out what keywords to use? Do your homework to see what words are being searched for your industry.

Size Matters — Do your best to keep blogs over 300 words, but in reality that number should be closer to 500. Anything above 500 is gravy. The key though is to make it all count. You’ll find a lot of overlap in writing for humans AND SEO, but it’s important to ensure you’re writing about something people actually care about, rather than just basic content sans dynamic information or a call to action. Link farms and content written for clicks can plummet your page ranks, so make your words matter.

Adhere to Proper Standards of the Written English Language — Spelling. Grammar. Punctuation. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It all matters when trying to rank pages.

How Do I Write for Humans?

Take Action — Write to pull at the heartstrings of actual living human beings by inciting action through your posts. Putting a personal touch on your articles by putting people first increases your chances of generating shares on social media while increasing quality of connection you make with readers.

You’re the Expert — By using your own words, you’re establishing yourself as the expert. Tailoring your message with an audience in mind cultivates an online persona that seems inauthentic.

Striking a nice balance can be done, so be mindful of both SEO and your audience when constructing your pages.

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