Pre Show

Focus on Social Media, Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Geo-Ads, and LinkedIn to engage targets.

During the Show

Engage with Geo-Ads, QR Codes, Digital Tools, Social Media, and CRM for interaction.

Post-Show Follow-Up

Use Email Drips, Google & LinkedIn Ads, Social Media, and Data Mining for engagement.

Pre-Show Marketing Strategies

Utilizing a comprehensive approach, we will focus on Social Media Engagement, Landing Page Development, Email Marketing Campaigns, Geo-Targeted Google Ads, and LinkedIn Advertising to effectively reach and engage your target audience.

Social Media Engagement

Prior to the event, ramp up social media activity to create buzz. This includes regular posts, sharing sneak peeks, and engaging with followers. Implement a clear Call to Action (CTA) to drive traffic and interest.

Landing Page Development

Design a landing page featuring Calendly for easy scheduling. Include a digital sign-up form for booking visits, highlighting sponsored events, and gathering attendee information, such as contact details, business affiliations, and social media profiles.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Execute targeted email marketing 30, 21, and 7 days before the event to all active registrants, offering reminders, updates, and incentives for attendance.

Geo-Targeted Google Ads

Start geofencing ads three days before the event, targeting the event’s zip code and surrounding hotel areas. These should include banner ads with CTAs to attract local and visiting attendees.

LinkedIn Advertising

Target prospects, registrants, and similar audiences with LinkedIn ads 30, 21, and 7 days before the event, ensuring maximum visibility among professional networks.

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During the Show

During the trade show, our focus will be on continuously engaging attendees through Geo-Fencing and Targeted Google Ads, enhancing user experience with QR Code Integration, utilizing Digital Engagement Tools for interactive displays, maintaining active Social Media Interaction to showcase live events, and efficiently managing schedules and contacts with Calendar and CRM Integration.

Geo-Fencing and Targeted Google Ads

Continue with geo-targeted ads for the show’s location and nearby hotels. Implement ongoing geofencing and targeted remarketing ads to capture the audience in the vicinity.

QR Code Integration

Use QR codes linked to a microsite for easy data collection and form submission. Also, provide QR codes for giveaways, redeemable post-event at the prospect’s business address.

Digital Engagement Tools

Utilize digital signage and an event app for scheduling demos, distributing digital brochures, and capturing contact information. Ensure these tools are easily accessible and user-friendly.

Social Media Interaction

Maintain active social media posting during the event to showcase interactions, product demonstrations, and highlight key moments in real-time.

Calendar and CRM Integration

Leverage calendar tools and CRM systems for efficient meeting scheduling, promoting individual slots for sessions, and private product demonstrations.

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Post-Show Follow-Up

In our post-trade show marketing campaign, we will deploy Email Marketing Drip Campaigns, engage audiences with Post-Event Google Ads, reinforce connections through LinkedIn Post-Event Advertising, sustain interest with Continued Social Media Engagement, and utilize Data Mining and Account-Based Marketing strategies to analyze attendee interactions and tailor future outreach.

Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Implement email drip campaigns targeting all registrants whose emails were collected at the event, providing tailored content and follow-ups.

Post-Event Google Ads

Identify the business locations of prospects and registrants to launch a targeted post-event campaign, aiming to convert interest into actions.

LinkedIn Post-Event Advertising

Reach out to existing clients and new prospects with tailored LinkedIn ads, nurturing these professional relationships further.

Continued Social Media Engagement

Develop post-event social media content, including thank-you messages, event highlights, and key takeaways, to maintain engagement and foster relationships.

Data Mining and Account-Based Marketing

Utilize data mining to analyze attendee behavior and preferences. Implement account-based marketing strategies and lead scoring to prioritize follow-up actions and personalize future marketing efforts.