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Knowing is Winning

By adding call tracking technology to your internet marketing campaign, you will have better insight into what ads and campaigns generate the most calls. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to increase the ROI of your marketing campaign. Call tracking enables you to not only track how many calls you are receiving and where they are coming from, but to also directly track the ad campaigns that catalyze customer calls.

There are many different types of call tracking strategies that your business can implement based upon the individual needs of your company. At SteerPoint, our Indianapolis internet marketing consultants can help you both determine the best solution for your business and put that strategy into motion.

What is Call Tracking?

What exactly is call tracking? Call tracking is a type of technology that businesses employ to track specific metrics in regard to the phone calls that they receive. Call tracking directly measures the way that our marketing campaigns effect both lead generation and sales. Essentially, call tracking helps your business see which ad campaigns are really impacting consumers and getting them to make the call and become customers. Call tracking offers insight into more than just customer engagement; it helps businesses see the bottom line of where their ad dollars are seeing the most ROI and what aspects of their marketing campaign need to be improved.

Business Benefits 

Call tracking can benefit your business in many different ways. First, call tracking is an economical solution that is very easy for your company to implement. Not only is call tracking low in cost, but it also generates a high ROI. With call tracking, you can both improve your internet marketing campaign through insights and analytics and keep track of calls that you miss. By tracking missed calls, you can turn lost customers into new leads by simply returning their calls. Call tracking software also allows you to record customer calls and utilize them for training and improved customer service.

What Can Call Tracking Do?

Call tracking can cover different types of metrics, from simple data on how many calls are received to in-depth tracking that revolves around keywords. With basic call tracking, your business can track how many calls it receives, the location that the calls are originating from, and how long each call lasts.

However, more sophisticated call tracking software can also be associated with a specific marketing campaign. Your business can assign unique local or toll-free numbers (both immediately and at a low cost) to each marketing campaign that it is running. These phone numbers can be assigned labels, nicknames, and tags to help you keep track more easily. This allows you to directly track which ad campaigns are generating calls.

For even more in-depth insights, your business can also use call tracking software to track the effectiveness of specific keywords. When consumers search using a particular keyword and find your business, the phone number for your company will be replaced with a unique phone number that allows you to track how many calls certain keywords are generating.

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