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Our designers create fully-customized email marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business goals.

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Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with the customers that benefit your business the most.

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Expand your reach with a professionally designed campaign aimed at raising subscriptions.

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A critical piece of every marketing plan should involve email marketing in addition to social media, content creation and SEO. That’s why SteerPoint has specifically partnered with Constant Contact to give our clients the best in email marketing. With multiple templates designed to send the perfect message to clients in appropriate formats, Constant Contact gives SteerPoint’s clients a leg up in staying in touch with our clients.

At SteerPoint, we also utilize other email marketing systems including Salesforce, Delivra, MailChimp and more. The possibilities of reaching your customer base through email marketing is endless. Not are you able to send unique content, but you’re able to categorize customers’ lists, track your impressions, and create instant promotions all at the touch of a button.

At SteerPoint, we provide customized marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our expert team of marketing professionals knows how to get you in front of your customers, and we have the tools to make those impressions last.

To get started with your Constant Contact email marketing campaign, contact us at SteerPoint.

Why are Emails Essential to Your Business?

Mobile Friendly

Let’s face it — your consumers are using their smartphones and tablets when they’re viewing your page. An advantage of email marketing is that you send a message directly to your customers’ fingertips.

Branding Opportunities

By streamlining  content into emails, you’re enhancing your brand. Your company can relay its message across all platforms and is able to create a unified message and an expanded reach.

Promos and Campaigns

Providing your customers with an electronic coupon incentivizes them to use your products and services ASAP. It’s just like a mailer, but you skip on expensive overhead with shipping. By the same token, you’re able to announce new campaigns for products and services in a breeze.

Cost Effective

Increasing accessibility and reach without much expense can alleviate your marketing budget and help you expand your business in other facets.

Stay Connected

Creating impressions with a customer base that receives they’re information in many different forms can be tricky, but it’s really all about making an effort. One excellent communication avenue is through email marketing. Creating content delivered right to your customer’s inboxes is a great way to be seen.

Drives SEO

By sending emails to your customer base you’re encouraging engagement with your website. This can be through inciting clicks and actions in your email, driving people to your RSS feed and integrating the content of an email into a digestible newsletter for customers to browse. All of these significantly improve SEO.

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