Competitive Analysis

We review competitors’ social media strategies, rank them, and identify successful techniques to grow your audience and increase revenue.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Paid social media promotes brand awareness to a large and interested audience, targeting specific demographics to increase visibility.

Laser Focused Targeting

Paid social media provides laser-focused targeting to specific groups based on location, age, interests, and behaviors, increasing campaign success.

Cost Effective Strategy

Paid social media is a cost-effective strategy that can be easily scaled up or down to control costs and get an excellent ROI for businesses.

Performance Reports

We provide regular detailed analysis reports on paid social media metrics, including data on followers, post engagements, and mentions.

Proven ROI

Paid social media delivers ROI. We track campaign performance and determine the ROI of your efforts to help you allocate resources effectively.

Why Choose SteerPoint for Your Paid Social Media?

We recognize that the dynamics of social media and organic traffic have drastically changed, making it less effective for reaching new audiences. It’s crucial now to enhance your social media advertising, targeting and connecting with the right audience through advanced platform features. These platforms offer detailed insights into ad performance and engagement, essential for refining your strategies. Investing in social media advertising is a necessity in today’s digital landscape to stay competitive and resonate with consumers.

Define the Marketing Objectives

The first step in any paid social media campaign is to define the marketing objectives. This includes SteerPoint identifying the target audience, determining the desired outcome of the campaign, and setting clear and measurable goals.

Research the Target Audience

The next step is to research the target audience to better understand their needs, interests, and behaviors. SteerPoint will analyze data from social media platforms, conducting market research, and narrow down your target audience.

Develop the Campaign Strategy

We will develop a campaign strategy that outlines the tactics and messages that will be used to reach the target audience. This may include creating an ad calendar, identifying the social media platforms that will be used, and determining the budget for the campaign.

Create the Ad Content

The next step is to create the ad content for the campaign. We have an in-house design team that creates custom assets for your social media advertising. Our creativity immediately captivates your target audience in today’s information overload and becomes a call to action, driving the right people towards your brand.

Set Up & Launch the Campaign

Once the ad content has been created, we will set up the campaign on the relevant social media platforms and launch it. This will involve creating ad groups, setting targeting options, and finalizing your budget.

Monitor & Analyze the Results

The final step is to monitor and analyze the results of your campaign. This will involve tracking the performance of the ads, analyzing data such as clicks, impressions, and conversions, and adjusting the campaign as needed to optimize its performance.