About Us

Established in 2004 by John Slimak, SteerPoint is dedicated to educating, enriching, and evolving alongside businesses in the ever-changing digital landscape. We firmly believe that people are the driving force behind innovative performance, and we provide a wide range of solutions with a comprehensive perspective. Our objective is to cultivate a culture of creativity and forge lasting partnerships that elevate the excellence and worth of businesses.

John Slimak

Founder & CEO

Kim Slimak

Partner - Director of Operations

Mike Lundy

Partner - Senior Developer

Paul Novosel

SEM Specialist / Videographer

Melissa Laird

Creative and Graphic Designer

Joey Slimak

Search Marketing Manager

Tyler Knox

Senior Developer

Mackenzy Slimak

Marketing Intern / Content Writer

Our aim is to empower businesses to excel in the digital arena by providing strategies and resources that draw in new customers, boost conversion rates, and generate leads. Our specialization lies in sales generation, leveraging an extensive array of digital marketing tools such as analytics, customer journey monitoring, and return on investment analysis. Proficient in optimizing sales funnel performance, we strive to assist businesses in surpassing their sales objectives and attaining growth. We are dedicated to serving as a trusted resource and marketing collaborator for our clients, taking pride in delivering impactful digital marketing solutions that yield measurable outcomes.

“John Slimak, Founder”