Will a Different Domain Name Enhance my SEO Strategy?

Some companies lately have been using their brand names as a top level domain (TLD) to enhance their search engine rankings as part of their SEO strategy. The idea behind the switch being that Google algorithms might treat the unique names differently.

Typically, top level domain names use conventions based on the content type. Most content is filed under a “.com” domain name, but some educational sites use “.org” and government sites use “.gov.” Foreign countries sometimes prefer to set apart their site domains with specific conventions like “.uk” for the United Kingdom and “.au” for Australia. Now, companies are creating custom TLDs to try to generate more traffic like “.samsung.”

domain_nameGoogle maintains its position that the company does not reward sites that have unique domain names with higher rankings. However, companies and organizations continue to make changes to their internet addresses with interesting domains. If it isn’t part of an SEO strategy, then why are companies continuing to change their domains?

Some companies claim that regardless of Google’s statements, domain names do make a difference in overall SEO success. The benefits companies are seeing may actually be the result of other, secondary factors, though. Google itself treats all domain names similarly when it evaluates domains online. A new or unique domain name won’t make a meaningful difference.

If you’re interested in changing your site’s domain name to make it unique and stand out for other reasons (aside from a search engine ranking), then go for it. New domain names like “.pizza” or “.atlanta” can be a fun and different way to draw attention to your brand or subject matter, but don’t expect the change to provide SEO-related results.

You can change your company’s domain name while preserving your current SEO rankings. Choose domain names that are easy to remember and reflect your primary business goal. At Google, domain changes are treated like every other site move, and you can find the documentation to help you move your site without affecting your current SEO history here.

To boost SEO results, stick with tried and true methods like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, developing relevant content, and earning trust by engaging socially with other sites online. Focus on becoming your audience’s go-to resource with visual and written information they can use and want to see by stepping outside your company’s comfort zone.

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