Are You Using Whitespace to Get Your Point Across?

One of our main services at SteerPoint is Web Design and Development. As a full-service, digital marketing agency, we specialize in using SEO techniques to improve your ranking on search engines. This means building sites rich with keyword-relevant content, cohesive URLs, tags and more. The reason we focus our build-outs around these elements is because ultimately your site needs to be found to serve its purpose.

But functionality shouldn’t mean compromising a sleek look. Browse websites and you will find many different design concepts. Some sites have clashing colors and busy content to visually white_spacestimulate a user; others smother you with pictures and videos. But in the minds of many users, the best designs are based on simple principles. And, in our opinion, the best way to implement those simple principles is to utilize whitespace.

Less is More

Whitespace, or negative space, refers to space on a page unoccupied by content. Because your eyes aren’t focusing on a busy design, the negative space brings your attention to your content. Subconsciously, you feel less confused — less deceived — because you don’t work as hard to decide what’s important. According to SitePoint, users feel as though they’re receiving insider information — as if they’ve found a hidden message on pages with well-used whitespace. This makes them feel included, and that leads to more impactful impressions. By leaving space between pictures, menus, text, and logos, your user will experience an uninterrupted visual navigation that allows the eyes to easily browse the page. You subconsciously “figure it out” without working to hard — like the website is speaking to you and you only.

The same goes for spacing between texts. Having text with sufficient space between sentences, characters and paragraphs can make the difference between a user engaging or skimming over your message. By breaking up your text into smaller, digestible pieces — such as bullet points or lists — your message is far more likely to guide your user to the end result.

At the same time, putting white behind pictures and images in your store can give the perception of elegance or luxury in whatever you’re selling.

When you’re ready for a web re-design, consider utilizing negative space to get your message across. We here at SteerPoint have the experience creating beautiful, usable websites that will help your online business grow. Contact us when that time comes.