Should I Update my Website Content on a Regular Basis?

Your website is your business’s window into your world. It gives you a chance to look like your industry’s source for information online, separating yourself from your competitors. Success rides on the image your company projects, and much of that is based on your pages’ content.

SteerPoint offers a number of services for your business to shine online, including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Campaigning, and Website Traffic Analysis. One very important process we implement ourselves and encourage you to follow is to keep your content fresh and updated.

content_updatingImagine you are a homeowner in need of a service — say carpet cleaning. Your first instinct is to go online and find out who to use. So, you log into your search engine and carpet cleaning. When looking through carpet cleaners, you browse a few sites to find what they offer. The first page you see has an unappealing design, little content, and merely a contact number with a dated photo. You think, no thanks. The second site lays out neatly organized tabs, a stunning design with modern fonts and color scheme, sharp pictures with staff. You click the pages to find robust, informational text that answers all your carpet questions. You trust the second company because you know they are taking the time to guide you on what you need. Who are you going to choose?

Every impression we make on the Internet is vital. Click-throughs and page views are measurable statistics that translate into money, and businesses that take the time and energy to update their content give them a leg up. Google ranks a consistently updated website as a more qualified one, and you are doing yourself a great service by imparting industry wisdom and tips to your page. Plus, customers who follow your business and work with you enjoy seeing pictures, reading personalized updates and interacting through social media.

Also, make sure to check your pages every few months to ensure your content isn’t outdated. It’s not always necessary to start from scratch regularly, but as your industry changes or news happens, make sure your website reflects it.

If you are either too busy or indifferent, please heed our advice. Either outsource your content and social media or make sure you do it yourself. SteerPoint offers consultation in keeping yours in pristine condition while taking the stress out of the process.

Give us a call soon and thanks for reading!