Pro Tech Indy to Join Steerpoint

For Immediate Release – 2/28/2017 

Indianapolis, IN – Steerpoint is proud to announce its merger with Pro Tech Indy LLC, a web development and marketing company based in Indianapolis.

Since its inception in 2014, Pro Tech Indy has focused on the design and development of mobile-friendly websites and apps for clients. The company also managed social media platforms, created web content, and practiced next-level SEO techniques to help increase online engagement.

Founded by John Slimak in 2004, Steerpoint is a full-service digital marketing firm based out of Indianapolis that specializes in SEO, Social Media, Paid Search Advertising, Content Creation, Email Marketing, and Web Design & Development. Steerpoint works with clients of all sizes across the country in a variety of industries. With offices in the Washington D.C. and Boston areas, Steerpoint aims to help businesses expand online reach, establish a digital footprint, and increase ROI.

Through thorough analysis, Steerpoint identifies inefficiencies in both your website and current marketing strategy and employs an in-house team to implement necessary changes. Be it designing a new site or developing an email marketing campaign, Steerpoint will be your partner for online growth. The addition of Pro Tech Indy adds an extra layer of expertise to the team moving forward.

“We are incredibly excited to bring Pro Tech Indy into our family,” said Slimak. “This addition will ensure we are maximizing reach and engagement for our current client base while allowing us to grow into new markets.”