Part IV: How Does a Digital Marketing Agency Justify Their Costs

Proper education on products and services provided is key to establishing a partnership with our clients. Often times, the biggest hang-up in negotiating a contract is price, and understandably so. Stomaching anything that costs thousands of dollars shouldn’t be easy! But often times, businesses think products and services should cost less than what they do. This is especially true in dealing with complicated services like search engine optimization, and everything it entails. Even though it may seem like numbers are pulled out the ether, every nuance of our business is accounted for.

contractWe here at SteerPoint understand the value in educating our clients on what exactly it is we do. By sharing knowledge we enhance the lines of communication between both parties. We show our clients the cause and effects of the tweaks and changes we make, and explain ‘why?’. This helps you become more involved in what’s happening with your site, and gives you a deeper understanding of how SEO works.


We primarily deal with contracts of 12 months. We’ve touched on this before, but we specialize in organic marketing. Organic marketing takes time to develop, so the terms of the contract need to be longer to ensure results. Why do we not go shorter? We refuse to sell you on a faulty campaign, as it’s not in either of our best interests.

That said, we do offer special projects that we charge a set price. This price is factored in by how many hours it would take, as is industry standard. Many times, the projects we take on are completed on a per-hour basis, not unlike an online handyman. We also offer retainer services to companies who are well established but still might need some help from time to time.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to contact SteerPoint for all your marketing needs. We offer content and social media services as well. Call us today for consultation!