Is My Small Business Website Design SEO Friendly?

Putting together a list of things to do when building your website from scratch or rehabbing your old one can be extensive. Figuring out what to put on your banners, writing content for pages, implementing a functional online store — all of these are integral in constructing a functional web portal. But beyond the physical design of your website, it’s essential to focus on doing your best to get noticed on search engines.

SteerPoint understands what it takes for businesses like yours to thrive online. We’ve been in business for nearly a decade designing websites and increasing traffic for our clients, and have an extensive portfolio to show for it.

SEO_friendly_websitePick the Right Platform

Starting a website is a lot like building a house. You wouldn’t start putting up posts without laying a perfect foundation, would you? Your website is no different. Choosing the best platform is essential creating a functional, user-friendly website that easily allows you to update content or links as needed.

We highly recommend picking WordPress when starting your site. WordPress shifted from a blogging site to a “versatile content management system”, a platform that nearly one-quarter of all sites are built on, including top dogs like Google and Facebook. It’s free and easy to use, as well as being search engine friendly and secure.

Emphasize Content

We’ve discussed in the past the importance of having fresh content constantly streaming onto your pages. Google’s crawlers love content, as sites with newer content consistently out-perform stagnant pages. Build your site with videos, blogs, RSS feeds and images on your mind. A company that excels online is one that engages their audience.

Make sure you’re also labeling videos and pictures properly when posting. By putting relevant labels on your images increases the chances of your site being reached by an image or video search. This way you’re covering all your bases.

Mobile Optimization

Understanding that people are now likely finding you through their mobile device is key to updating or creating a site in 2015. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of American adults own and use a smartphone, and use that device to influence their purchases. A way to garner the attention span of the impatient web user in this day-and-age is to ensure your site is easily accessible from your phone. Code your site with a responsive design to make sure users are able to see clean text no matter what the screen is. Responsive design adapts to your screen or window, and it’s become unfashionable to have it any other way. Google loves sites updated like this.

Simple Navigation Equals Readability

Don’t make your site too complex by adding too many categories and sub-menus to your pages. Users should be able to reach what they are looking for within two or three clicks. Don’t make them run through a labyrinth to find what they need on your site. Remember, user-friendly = web friendly.

A professional process equals professional results, so eliminate problems by hiring a professional. SteerPoint knows not to take shortcuts in creating a beautiful, bountiful SEO friendly website for you and your business.

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