How Improving Navigation Can Improve Your Website for Best SEO Practices

Practicing good SEO for your website involves plenty of components — proper tags, fresh content, responsive design, etc. One very basic and important element that gets neglected when a designer focuses on other peripheral bells and whistles is the website’s navigation.

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One reason you’re site isn’t necessarily optimized is because of convoluted navigation. The key to good web navigation is how user-friendly it functions. The common way websites are setup are through navigation systems, which dictates how users will move from your homepage to, for instance, your store.

Much of the beauty and the mystery of what SEO conquers is that we never know truly how one component of a website will affect the totality of the rankings. But we can say for certain that having an efficient navigation system is essential.

Here are a few tips:

Sensible structure — This might seem obvious, but a competent layout is vital in a high-ranking site. To illustrate, if you have three links on your homepage — Store, Locations, and About Us — it wouldn’t make much sense to have a link to the word “Indianapolis” under “Store”. Even though you might have a store in Indianapolis, Google’s crawlers might detect a confusing set up, thus hurting your ranking.

Keyword-Based Navigation — Utilize many of the tools at your disposal to determine what your tabs should read. If you sell hardware, don’t name one of your tabs after an obscure brand of hammers. Enter the word ‘Hammers’ so your users know what they’re clicking on.

Breadcrumbs — By displaying the path you took to arrive at your end destination on the site, you’re putting your best foot forward in showing search engines you have a well organized navigation system. Breadcrumbs is another term for vertical linking, and they don’t always have to be displayed.

The key lesson here is to keep it simple. Make sure your site isn’t overdoing it by creating unnecessary navigation steps. And remember; if you ever have any questions about how well your site is performing please reach out to us for consultation.

Thanks for reading!