Business Blogging for Your Company

In the evolution of internet marketing a major constant has been the importance of communicating your company’s message to consumers. Between social media, emailing and paid ads, many companies neglect one of the best practices to interact with customers: creating and maintaining a blog.

SteerPoint offers solutions to help your business optimize its online marketing potential. We have a full portfolio of of SEO and Web Design clients, and a segment of our marketing services include blogging and copywriting services.

Why Business Blog?blogging

A blog should first and foremost function as a marketing tool used to engage customers, clients, and like minded-industry professionals. Ultimately, as with any online interaction, a blog should be designed with the purpose of executing and increasing sales and awareness.

By creating your own blog content, you:

  • Are the expert — Picture yourself logging online to seek out advice to fix a hole in your wall in your dining room that appeared after a dinner party spat (let you imagination fill in the details). As you find dozens of informational nuggets from local sources, you quickly scour through content to research the right answer. In selecting whose advice to choose, your eyes gravitate to blogs that are recently updated, well-organized, correctly punctuated and chalked full helpful tips.
  • As a business owner, by creating a strong presence with your content, you’ve established yourself as an expert online. From a consumer’s perspective simply by being active you’ve earned trust, and in the event of more comprehensive drywall damage, that consumer will remember to call you.
  • Invigorate your SEO — Google loves fresh content. SEO, Social Media and constant updates are all interconnected. The more you participate, the higher you rank. In the game of internet marketing, appearing at the top of the page is of the utmost importance. Making blogging part of your regiment is essential to being the best you can be online.
  • User Friendly and Free Marketing Material — Putting out a weekly blog allows you a cost-free way to disseminate information and deals to clients. Updating a blog is a breeze and helps link back to your web site.  Blogging is also a fun, creative method to stay current and on-topic within your industry.

SteerPoint is an expert in SEO, and we want to make sure you’re doing your best to look like an expert online in your industry. Give us a call for consultation or stop by our new office at 8675 Castle Park Drive!