Be Prepared for Targeted Political Ads This Election Cycle

As our world continues its swift shift into a digital world where advertisers know you better each passing day, it’s only logical that there will be a heavy emphasis on targeted marketing for the 2016 elections. And with Super Tuesday, your digital feeds are about to be inundated with personalized ads based on your preferences.

If you have a few minutes to play around on this article, go for it. It’s by Nick Corasaniti and Josh Keller of the New York Times, and they’ve created a form to fill in to determine which television shows you watch based upon your demographics.

The article uses these fields to figure out your answer:

  • Marital status
  • Political affiliation
  • Drink of choice
  • Parental status
  • Religious commitment
  • Education level
  • and media consumption device

political_adsMy results were dead on. And the neat (and scary) thing is if the authors had made even more fields with more specific answers, they’d have been able to accurately analyze even more about me.

Remember, the things you ‘like’ and retweet, the articles you read, the emails you open, your online purchases — every single digital footprint you leave behind allows for more specific types of ads to pop up. Broadcasting and Cable estimates that over $11 billion will be spent on advertising this political cycle, with over $1 billion spent on digital for the first time ever. So when you’re browsing information on your phone and computer, pay attention to what ads are displayed. You’ll notice a difference between ads ran on ESPN and HGTV.

The people making the spending decisions for candidates are very intelligent, and know what topics elicit reactions from which demographics. More so, they are pros at branding, and how digital marketing is essential for creating a platform and identity for very a good value on price.

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