Your Video Marketing Strategy for 2021

You wouldn’t dive headfirst into expensive media buys or marketing programs without first during your homework. Your Digital Video Marketing Strategy for 2021 shouldn’t be any different. Laying out your annual strategy in advance helps to guide your decisions with your ultimate goals as the driving force.

Certainly any marketing strategy is driven by factors you can and cannot control. Budget, timelines and ROI are at the top of the list. However, from a more granular approach, it is critical to define exactly WHAT you want your DVMS – Digital Video Marketing Strategy – to help you accomplish.

Get Back to the Basics.

The essential marketing funnel (or, bullseye depending upon when and how you learned it) has distinct stages for the consumers’ process:

Awareness. Finding out about you and your product/service
Interest. (Consideration). Researching, asking questions, reading reviews
Desire. Actively shopping and making comparisons. Wanting to acquire.
Action. (Decision) ready to make the purchase if the price and product are right.

Video messaging in the early stages of the consumer process should attract new prospects and introduce them to your brand. While later stage shoppers may be best motivated by “customer-journey” testimonials that praise the process of considering your company.

Likewise, videos also might need to target the consumers at the “Action”phase. These folks might be most receptive to customer satisfaction videos. They are the types of prospects who might most appreciate hearing how your product/service is superior to a competitor’s.

Planning and segmenting can be crucial. It’s difficult to be strategic in your DVMS while trying to speak to prospects at so many different stages of the consumer process!

DVMS Check list:

Start with your video goals.
Think of the consumers’ path. Are you introducing or trying to pique interest? Trying to build desire or making strong comparisons and asking to close the sale? You may only be able to accomplish one of these things in a short video.

Find your target audience.
Demographics and lifestyle are still key. However, messaging and style also help determine which consumers will actually pay attention.

Determine what story you want to tell.
What aspects of your business are unique? How do you present these memorable traits in an impactful and creative way?

Stick to your timeline.
It’s easy to get behind. Don’t strive for perfection and miss an opportunity. A great Christmas video is pretty useless on December 26.

Maintain a realistic budget.
Being able to afford frequency and variety in your DVMS is usually more important than blowing the quarterly budget on a single blockbuster production. Marketing is a marathon.

At SteerPoint Media, we love helping clients truly embrace a creative DVMS and empower their business for growth. Ask for some guidance on YOUR Digital Video Marketing Strategy for 2021 – there’s no obligation to get the conversations started.