Why Your Business Should Have a Social Life

Having a superior product or service is simply not enough in today’s business climate – an effective marketing campaign is critical to generate clicks, impressions, engagement, and (ultimately) revenue.

Out of all the marketing channels (Email, TV, Radio, PPC, etc.) you can invest in, we’d argue that social media marketing is the most important. Having a presence on multiple social media platforms can help you stand out from your competitors.

Here’s why:

User Interaction
With over 67% of consumers now logging in to social media to review, inquire and share information, your business must be prepared to respond in a timely manner with useful information in an appropriate tone. According to a report by Ambassador, 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media will then recommend it to others.

With everything being offered in an instant (see: coffee, food, texts, entertainment, etc.) the standard is for businesses to respond immediately on social media. Consumers tend to grow impatient and angry when ignored, so it’s vital to always keep your finger to the pulse of what’s happening to preserve the quality of your brand.

Current and Relevant
The first thing a user notices about a business’s social media presence is how recent and relevant the information on a feed is. While it’s challenging to keep your platforms up to date, it is important to showcase your products or services. Any content, be it a picture or an article, you produce carries a great deal of weight for users and search engines alike. Be sure to share others in your industry or community’s posts to cross-promote.

Organic Growth
It’s not uncommon for businesses to utilize Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to bolt to the top of search pages. While PPC ads can help in the short term, they are expensive and don’t guarantee organic growth. A strong social media presence combined with proper SEO techniques can contribute to lasting organic growth.

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