Why We Love WordPress

So, your business has determined the time is right to build an eye-catching, cutting-edge website that performs well on search engines. That’s the easy decision. What comes next can be challenging.

To the untrained brain, choosing the best content management system (CMS) to help your business achieve its goals can be a bit overwhelming. There are many options to choose from – Joomla, Drupal, Ruby on Rails – the list is endless. But we at SteerPoint know that the best CMS to get the job done is WordPress.

— First, a couple definitions to clear things up for the uninitiated. A CMS is application that supports the creation and modification of online content, and its primary function includes web publishing. WordPress is a free open-source website creation tool and CMS written in PHP, a common open source scripting language.

Now we’ve got that cleared up, here’s why WordPress is superior:

WordPress is…
Open Source and Free. Advanced coding is a deeply complicated process involving many lines of script. Other platforms require expensive plugins and unique languages to properly add necessary features. WordPress is open source, which means it’s free and available to anyone who uses it, and relatively easy to learn.

Malleable. Blogs, videos, directories, membership sites, eCommerce – no matter what function you need your site to perform, WordPress is powerful enough to support your efforts.

Customizable. Any web designer worth their salt knows the importance of custom coding. Yes, WordPress offers a number of themes you can buy, but ultimately WordPress can be the easel to showcase your beautiful code.

Searchable. A website only looks good if it yields ROI. That’s why it’s critical to code your site to be properly indexed by search engines like Google. WordPress loads quickly, allows you to easily generate a sitemap for simple navigation, lets you optimize images, and integrate social media links all in one.

Popular. One out of every four websites in the world is built on WordPress, and the open source nature of the site means developers are constantly tweaking and working to constantly improve user experience.

Plain and simple: WordPress is the most user-friendly, adaptable web platform out there. Building, designing and managing a world-class site on WordPress is incredibly easy and intuitive.

If the time is right to convert your site to WordPress or are ready to start from scratch, contact us today at SteerPoint.