Why Email Marketing is So Important

With the emergence of content marketing and social media, it’s important to not neglect the power of a great email campaign.

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Here are some great reasons to use email to create and communicate with your customers this year:

Easy Way To Reach Mobile Customers

Everyone is constantly on their phones and tablets. Refreshing, updating, checking — any activity that involves your fingers and a screen is the gateway to communication nowadays. So, with email marketing, sending a direct line from your customers to their eyeballs is an incredible way to make an impression. According to emailmonday, up to 70% of all emails are opened by phones. So it’s a no-brainer to use services to assemble a list of customers you can reach.

People Love to Hear About the Brands They Love

email_marketingBranding is an essential part to any marketing campaign, and people actively sign up for newsletters with content and information about products and services from companies of all shapes and sizes. By capturing and audience and continuing to communicate through email marketing, you’re able to forge a relationship that lasts beyond one transaction.

Coupons into Cash Registers

Everyone loves a deal. Giving the people what they want in the palm of their hand translates to bodies in stores, which translates to cash in registers. Imagine giving all your customers a deal without the waste and overhead of producing envelopes, paper and stamps. Purchasing power means a lot, so being able to offer incentives for people to buy creates a ton of interest.

Cheap and Easy

We hinted at this above, but the savings and accessibility with your audience makes using email a no-brainer. The mass amount of people you can reach makes utilizing your marketing budget towards digital media is a surefire way to create great customer acquisitions. Saving money through email marketing allows you to allocate your dollars to other aspects of your business, which can help you expand. Also, the ease of gathering and disseminating information is a major plus.

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