Why do Companies lie on Google Local?

Today I was at a client’s office putting together a new Google local campaign for their product and services.  About five minutes into the conversation one of the partners “Googled” Indianapolis SEO and only one site came on the Google map (authoritative One-Box).  The question was proposed, “Why are you not on this list and why is there only one company listed?”  I explained that many factors go into the 10-pack, 3-pack, 2-pack and authoritative One-Box.  But in this direct case I would not show up going forward due to the lack of accurate information being used by companies to Google. Currently there are companies buying PO Boxes, using mailing addresses of residences of employees to try and demonstrate a fake business location within the city limits.

My client’s next question was simple, “You can lie to Google and get away with it?”  – NO

I caution my clients not to take the short cuts and misrepresent your “real” office location to be found in Google Maps!  Google always has a way of determining who is playing fair and who is not.  Plus the last thing you want is a potential client to perform a search on their cell phone and show up at your employee’s apartment building looking for your company.

The next time you search for a product/service and a business address is given, call the company and verify their location.  If the person on the other end tells you the same as on Google Local then you made a solid connection.  If you find that the address on Google Local is not the real address (and the listing was created and edited by the owner) then the company is starting off your relationship with a lie!

Remember: never lie to your wife or to Google. They will always find out and the results are never good!