Why are there so many Twitter Quitters?

The word Twitter is being used from your local tv stations all the way to MSNBC. People hear that it’s the ultimate social media platform that you can be active with some of your favorite newspersons, movie stars, professional athletes and friends from your past. But once you sign up you realize that there are little security features to prevent people from following you and reading your every thought. Then there are the Twitter groups.

1. “Newbies”
New people who are trying to figure out what Twitter is and why is it getting so much media attention. Most of these people had a Facebook / MySpace account and understand the meaning of social media. What they are not ready for is our second group of people on Twitter – the Narcissistic Group!

2. “The Narcissistic Group”
These are the people who think everyone cares about everything mundane in their life. These people will let you know the color of the bird in their back yard, size of the new shoe they just purchased, color of their latest toe-jam and information about sitting in traffic doing nothing. These people tend to burn out the “Newbie’s” fast. After a Newbie gets a taste of these people they leave with the understanding that Twitter is about people bitching or talking about nothing and leave within the first 60 days.

3. “Tweet – Spammers Group”
These people will make about 20-30 updates a day to pitch their product or service. After about the 15th “Tweet-spam” you are ready to run for cover. The best is when a member of the narcissistic group crosses over to spam and you get the worst of both worlds. In the end these people offer about as much social interaction as an outdoor billboard.

4. “I Can’t Quit Group”
These are people who are afraid to quit and lose their last “frontier friends”. I find these people lack some form of social skill and find Twitter makes them part of the in-crowd. They follow everyone and think Twitter is cool. They believe everything posted without question and think everyone is a friend.

5. “The Social Norm Group”
Last group are the ideal Twitter group. These are the people or companies that actually use Twitter to keep us informed without driving us to end our Twitter life. This group will mix both business and personnel information that is useful in ones daily life and also tend to follow and comment on other accounts to engage in the social interaction. You will notice that these people like to engage without wasting your time and energy of useless post.

In the end sit back and enjoy the wonderfull world of Social Media!