What Does It Take to Turn a Shopper into a Buyer?

Today’s use of technology is at an all-time high, with almost every type of consumer engaging with it, no matter age, race, or gender. It has never been more important to market your product often and across many different platforms. Research has shown that the average consumer is faced with over 8,000 ads a day in the form of e-mails, social media content, internet pop-ups, and videos. This means that what they see on repeat and how they see it advertised often translates into whether a shopper becomes a buyer.

touchpointsThere is an average of 24 touchpoints across multiple devices from the point of site to actual purchase. Out of those 24, 18 are known to be in the form of digital content. So, the only way to get your brand out there is to put it out there. If you don’t, your product could go unnoticed, forgotten, or never discovered to begin with.

How to Be Highly Visible

In this highly competitive environment, it is imperative to be visible and have an impact on the consumer. This means communicating the right message at the right time in front of the right consumer. Conveying your message often and doing it well is the difference between selling your brand or losing buyer interest altogether because something else caught their eye.

There are five key things to keep in mind as you focus on being highly visible on a consumer’s path to the purchase:

1. Answer consumer’s questions about your product by using multiple touchpoints. This is valuable and speeds up the sales process because everything they need to know is literally at their fingertips.
2. Repetition and recognition are powerful tactics to bring the customer back to the product and ultimately make the sale.
3. Advertising across various media platforms is not overkill. Make sure your brand is visible every time your customer needs to see it.
4. Cover all your bases. Touchpoints include Google, YouTube, G-mail, Facebook, websites, ad network review sites, and precision e-mail.
5. Did you realize that more than half of the purchase process occurs before the buyer even visits your personal site? It is true, so you need to be engaged in their buying process every step of the way.

SteerPoint works to invest in four fundamental things for their clients:
● Knowledge of your customer
● Correct and relevant message
● Execute delivery of the message at the right time
● Convey the message every time the consumer needs to see it

If you would like SteerPoint to help you get started turning your shoppers into buyers with increasing the visibility of your brand and, in turn, sell more products, let us show you how with a personalized consultation. All we need are some details about your specific needs. Send us a message, and we will deliver. Let’s start today!