Web Design Trends in 2017

In planning your website renovation for 2017, it’s imperative to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ when it comes to layout and design. We at SteerPoint have kept a close eye out on many industry trends from the past few months and felt it would be wise to impart what we learned to our audience.

So here’s what we like for websites in 2017.

Concentrated Content – A clear message as to what function your business or organization does is imperative in keeping a visitor on your site. Designing your site to make sure your message smacks a user in the face is achieved by not inundating your home page with bells and whistles, but rather clean text and images that make a reader feel confident they’ve found the right place.

Bold Fonts – Don’t make the readers scan the page to find out what you’re all about. Your homepage banner (should you choose to go that route) should scream your services at the top of its lungs with large text. If a user can’t figure out your site in a matter of seconds, you’ve lost them.

Colors – Stand out with a color scheme that is both daring and complementary. This gives the impression that your company has personality before a visitor even reads a word of content. And studies show that color directly correlates to how a person feels about a site. So, just like the font, don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement.

Simple Mapping – One aspect of web design we preach over here at SteerPoint is to keep your site mapping as simple and user-friendly as possible. When it comes to implementing your mapping in your design, don’t over do it with snazzy drop-down menus and animations. Anything used to distract a visitor can hurt your chances of conversion.

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