Web Design in 2017: What to Look For

It might seem like you redesigned your website yesterday. But with the speed of innovation in web design and development, completing a new site two years ago now might look two decades old.

It’s our mission at SteerPoint to create captivating, custom-coded sites with current trends in mind (check out our portfolio for the latest and greatest!).

Here are a few fashionable web design techniques we’ll be implementing for 2017:

Minimalism and Trendy Art: Apple was a pioneer in web design during the mid-2000s. When it debuted the new iPod, iPhone, iMac, iEtc., the site changed to a minimalistic look. Light fonts, white backgrounds, sleek products on top – Apple.com was aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Those principles remain the same in this year, yet the artwork and fonts should be unique to your business. Don’t choose anything cookie-cutter in 2017. Brand your site to your company and include a unique graphic and typography that helps visitors identify what site they’re viewing.

Scrolling-Made-Easy: With aforementioned minimalism in mind, scrolling shouldn’t be challenging. Your visitor’s eyes should never be inundated with tons of effects when navigating a screen. A well-designed site is also a functional one, so scrolling is dependent on load times and clutter. Avoid extra frills and use the best hosting package available for your need to ensure high speeds.

Bring Your Site to Life: Subtle motion is a very hot design trend on many sites. Check out one of our clients, Biteharder. For this cool new product, we included moving snow to the site in winter to make users feel out in the elements. Features like this tell a story about a product without doing too much – because too much is never a good thing. You’ll know when you are bordering on cartoonish content that turns people off.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, SteerPoint can help your business create a new site that stands out in 2017. Plus, we’ll take your site to new heights top increase ROI. Check out your SEO score to see if it’s time.