The story of your company is unique
One-of-a-kind. Uncommon.


High-quality corporate videos help tell your story completely, accurately and creatively. We bring the best qualities of your business to life.

Social Media Ads

Using video as a part of any social media marketing campaign is critical for any business. Videos we create can be used for social posts, advertising, stories, cover pages, profiles or comments.

Training Videos

We create everything from simple instructional videos with hands-on demonstration, vehicle tutorials and curriculum based instruction in chapter or episodic form.

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Our Corporate Services Include

How you tell your story matters. Effectively communicating the individual qualities of your story is essential in today’s crowded marketplace. Presenting who you are and why your company is different is one of the primary building blocks of your marketing strategy.

At Steerpoint, we believe every message your business sends needs to be engaging and powerful. Your messaging need to continually capture a viewer’s attention. We are visual story-tellers who specialize in imparting your unique corporate personality into video and media that is creative, engaging, and memorable.

The process begins by identifying your target audience. Then, we ask questions and probe for all your USP – Unique Selling Propositions. Together, we will prioritize and agree on a focus for the scope of the project.

While our operations are headquartered in Indianapolis, our geographic scope of projects is without limits. Our expertise includes – but, is not limited to video.