Top 5 Social Media Trends Your Business Should Be Embracing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for any business to connect with potential customers. As with any other marketing strategy, new trends and best practices are constantly cropping up, and you may need to update your social media game to stay ahead of the curve.

To help you do just that, we’ve compiled some of the top social media trends for businesses in 2018:

1. Live Video

Video content is a compelling way to engage your customers – and this method has only grown in the past year. Many consumers prefer watching video content versus reading a text blog. Live video is equally compelling, plus it provides an opportunity to engage with your audience. Many forms of social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, have live video features integrated into their platforms.

social_media_trends2. Chat Bots

Bots that respond with automated messages based on user input are nothing new. However, they are increasing in popularity when it comes to social media. Letting your audience put in prompts to quickly access information will open new ways to share deals and approach customer service. Some communications will still need a live person to handle, but a bot can take care of straightforward tasks, letting customer service agents handle bigger issues.

3. Influencer Marketing

No matter how well constructed your marketing campaign, most consumers are more willing to believe actual customers over a business when it comes to endorsing a product. Customer testimonials play into this idea, but social media allows for rapid sharing of product information – and people with a lot of followers have a lot of social reach. Partnering with these “micro influencers” gives companies a way to reach new customers and encourage engagement at higher rates than traditional celebrity influencers.

4. Paid Advertisements

Organic search results are helpful, but paid advertisements are a much more effective way of reaching your audience. Even better: Most social media paid advertising campaigns allow for specific targeting of custom audiences, making campaigns more effective. When you can target your ad to locations, ages, genders, languages, and more, you can quickly build ads that fit different audience needs.

5. Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is any form of content that is short-lived, only existing for a short time. Instagram and Facebook stories and Snapchat are prime examples of 24-hour available content. These sorts of approaches allow for some of the benefits of video streaming, plus they keep your audience from unfollowing because you overload their feed with posts.

Social media is likely to develop even further, allowing for greater marketing capabilities. Until then, you’ll want to make sure your business uses these strategies to boost your social media presence and engagement.