It Takes Time to See SEO Results

In today’s world, information is available with the click of a button. With news cycles flowing 24-hours a day, we can access books, movies, and television shows instantaneously. However, not everything on the internet happens this quickly. When meeting with potential clients, at SteerPoint, we are often asked, “Will I see changes within the next few days?” If you are starting a social media marketing campaign, SEO campaign, or reputation management project, it can take time to see results.

Have Patience

Many businesses expect to see results from their social media marketing campaign within a few days but many experts believe results can take up to six months. The same goes for a SEO campaign. It can take four to six months for these results to become evident. Social media marketing is a long-term investment in the future of your company. Building an online presence takes time, as does growing a group of followers and defining your company’s expertise. The timeframe for SEO can vary, depending on how long the website has been on the internet and its TrustRank with Google. Results with new websites will take longer to see than results from more established sites with a positive history.

Untitled design (9)Plan Your Strategy

There are steps you can take to reduce how long it takes to see the effects of SEO or social media campaigns. A well thought-out plan with defined goals and expectations will lead to quicker results. The following are some things you need to remember:

Set concrete, measureable goals. How will you know if your campaign is working? Will you track followers, shares and likes? Choosing something you can measure will make it easier to know if your social media campaign is effective or if you need to make changes.

Define your audience. Know what social media outlets your audience uses. Are they on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram? Targeting the appropriate platform will give you quicker results.

Determine your budget. Are you willing to pay to promote your posts to increase visibility to get faster results?

How committed are you? If you are going to be a presence on social media, you need to post consistently. An initial blitz followed by nothing for three months will not be effective. If you are engaging on more than one platform, you need to be dedicated to sharing information on every platform and having someone monitor your accounts. If people are asking for responses, you need to provide them quickly.

Invest in the Future

Any worthwhile social media marketing campaign takes time. Developing an effective strategy is an investment in the future of your company. While things happen quickly on the internet, results of your marketing strategy will be slower to appear. There is no quick fix to building a customer base and engaging followers. Set up the right strategy, have patience, and your marketing campaign will give you results you.