SteerPoint – A Full-time Digital Agency

To succeed at any job or to accomplish any task, you have to have the resources you need available to you when you need them. That seems to be a pretty simple premise.

With the health crisis isolations and work-from-home positions being more and more the “normal”, it seems like most major companies are re-thinking what it really means to be a company. We have been thinking and re-inventing as well.

digital_agencySteerPoint is a service organization that offers unique marketing solutions to meet the challenges our clients face everyday. A real business with real commitments. Rent. Payroll. Benefits. Insurance. People at the ready for our clients.

Business overhead helps you think very clearly about the long term needs of a digital agency.

Competitively, we don’t often think about having to outsmart agency A or underprice agency B. We have always thought that our biggest competitor is apathy or complacency in the minds of our potential clients; they simply do not see the need to do anything differently in their approach marketing their company. Or, they have a belief that they have the time, talent and expertise to handle all their marketing functions “in house”. Armed with a stock-photo service, a fresh ADOBE subscription and a re-purposed IT-guy to handle their website – they have everything they need.

Do they?

Sometimes we do compete for clients. In addition to other full-service digital agencies, our competitive landscape is populated with free-range consultants who make their livelihood with their experience and personality – and, a short list of freelancers who may or may not be available when your need is urgent.

One of our unique value propositions is we are here full-time with all our tools at our clients’ disposal.

OUR HOME OFFICE is not in our homes. We have a real, functioning place of business with a readily available staff. A real business with real commitments. Business overhead helps you think very clearly about the long term needs of a digital agency.

OUR OWNERS WORK DIRECTLY WITH CLIENTS. There is a special dynamic that happens when our owners stay engaged in our clients’ day-to-day marketing campaigns. There is a “peer-to-peer” synergy that create swift and decisive action. Our account people work with Marketing Directors and Ad Managers – but, the bold thinking happens when there is owner to owner connectivity.

OUR YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Ours is a small company with a handful of coders, project managers, social media experts, designers, videographers and account managers. There is a unique synergy that occurs when multiple creative and experienced minds come together to solve problems and proffer solutions. We are at our best when our clients allow us to work this way.

WE HAVE SERVED A VARIETY OF INDUSTRIES. Retail, BtoC, Industrial, Home Improvement, Luxury items – including RV’s and in-ground pools as well as B2B and non-profit. Our clients benefit from the expertise we have accrued in various and diverse industries.

WE ARE HERE FULL TIME. We have fun at what we do – but, we are serious about doing great work – and, serious about our clients’ successes.

SteerPoint might be a great match as your marketing partner. Read through our case studies and contact us for a no-obligation review of key performance indicators on your website. You will see – SteerPoint means business.