How Social Media Supports Small Businesses

As a small business, you often do not have the same level of time and money to commit to your social media marketing campaign, compared to the big businesses. Because of this, it is important to take advantage of the ways that social media sites work for you. Two of the most popular social media networks, Facebook and Twitter, have recently been making their support for small businesses much more visible. Through partnerships and blog posts, Facebook and Twitter provide small businesses with greater support for marketing themselves on social media.

Facebook Partners With Shutterstock

A common issue that many small businesses often face is choosing the best images for their ad campaigns. Often, small businesses do not have the resources to produce original, high quality images for advertisement purposes. Many will use images on the web that appear to be free, which can lead to the unfortunate surprise of a bill from the image’s owner. This can leave small businesses with no choice but to use images of a lower quality, which reduces the success of their ad campaigns.

In an effort to solve the problem of images for small businesses, Facebook recently partnered with Shutterstock to make millions of images free and accessible for small businesses. These images are available within the ad creation tool on Facebook, which makes advertising as a small business incredibly easy. Facebook specifically noted their intention of support for small businesses with this partnership, in a blog post announcing the new feature. This further shows how Facebook is thinking about small businesses and actively working to help them.

SMBs on the Twitter BlogTwitter

In a recent blog post, Twitter acknowledged that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to see proof that the network is providing a return on their investment of time and resources into social media marketing. They posted some key facts about the benefits of SMBs using Twitter, particularly in regard to the impact of followers on business. First, Twitter found that following or interacting with an SMB leads 72% of users to make a purchase from that business, and that 30% of users will recommend an SMB that they follow to other users. Recommendations, in turn, encourage 86% of users to check out a business.

Second, Twitter also found that followers feel brand loyalty to SMBs they follow on Twitter: 63% follow to show their support, and 85% feel a greater sense of loyalty after following. In addition, followers use Twitter to learn more about a business and to offer their feedback. 73% want to see updates about new products, and 61% want to give their feedback. Finally, using Twitter for marketing reaches more customers overall. About 1/3 of users will interact with an SMB after seeing either an ad or a Promoted Tweet that is relevant to them. Twitter’s outreach to SMBs also shows that the network is consistently keeping the needs of small businesses in mind.

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