SEO and Online Marketing Trends: 2014 Edition

Every year, the internet changes the way we look up information, find services and products, and connect with businesses in our area. Companies with strong SEO and good marketing policies can push themselves to the front of the pack. Here are some of this year’s top marketing headlines and popular efforts:

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  • Google. The great search algorithm mystery continues as Google applies approximately two tweaks to their algorithm every day. That’s over 700 changes per year, most of them aimed at businesses looking to cheat the system and get top rankings with subpar quality. While these updates may seem intimidating, they’re actually good for customers and business; they level the playing field by devaluing exact-match names. There’s no reason should have an unfair advantage over – and with this year’s tweaks, it’s more about what you offer than what you say.
  • Mobile websites that really mean business. For a while, businesses could coast on simply having a mobile-optimized website, which meant their users could navigate the site without constantly having to zoom in and out of a web version. Now, customers demand more. You can’t afford not to have a mobile friendly website – 61% of all cell phone users now use smartphones, which means our online lives are going mobile. Keep up with a well-designed mobile site with your users in mind.
  • Pin it on Pinterest! Few websites have a demographic as specific as Pinterest. Pinterest users are active, and they’re white and Latina women aged 18–64. The site has undergone explosive growth in the last two years. If it continues to grow at this rate, it might eventually overtake Twitter. Pinterest images spread quickly and meaningfully, and it’s being entirely done by women, which can expand your customer base.
  • Content equals income. Looking at the future of Internet marketing? Just look at the history of TV commercials. In the early decades of TV, it was simply enough to say “buy this.” Over time, as consumers grew more savvy and demanding, commercials had to tell a story and reach customers on an emotional level. Content is what tells your business’ story. By having multiple channels of content, such as a blog or podcast, you can connect with your customers in a more intimate way, building loyalty and trust.

Of course, not every strategy listed here is going to be perfect for your business, but customers are demanding more and more each day. Look at some of this year’s top marketing tips to see how they might integrate into your company’s overall marketing strategy and contact us at SteerPoint to help.

What was your biggest marketing change in 2014?