Be Seen: How Facebook Ads Are Critical for Promoting Your Business

If your business is looking for the next big advertising push to bring in more customers, look no further than Facebook. Facebook ads are simple to create and highly visible, with the fourth quarter in 2013 boasting serious increases in click-through rates – about 50% more click-through engagements than in the third quarter. This increased rate of user engagement coupled with recent changes to Facebook’s news feed format are a signal to businesses that ads are the key to being seen on the leading social networking site.

Going Beyond Business Pages

You may think that having a business or fan page on Facebook is all that is needed to get attention for your brand. This may have been the case in the early days of business pages, but recently Facebook changed its news feed algorithm, pushing business pages to the bottom of user’s feeds. This significantly decreases the odds that fans and customers will regularly see your business in their feed, and we all know that being seen is the key to bringing customers through the door to make a purchase. Upon making this change, Facebook issued a press release encouraging marketers to buy into the site’s advertising system to remain visible.

Ads Spur Big Business Growth

While losing out in terms of business page effectiveness, there are some significant benefits to paid ads on Facebook. To begin with, current fans and customers are highly likely to see ads based on interactions they already have with your business. In respect to current customers and visibility, then, ads pick up right where business pages left off. But the bigger benefit to shifting to ads is that a greater number of new potential customers will have a chance of seeing your ad. These new customers are determined by factors such as location, interests and other online connections. These individuals likely never would have seen your business page.

The Move to Mobile Ads

If increased desktop visibility wasn’t enough of a draw, all signs point to the likelihood of Facebook launching its own mobile ad network sometime in the near future. Currently, Facebook is testing out limited advertising through other mobile ad networks. With increases in mobile platform use, introducing mobile ads has the potential to multiply ad revenue for Facebook while significantly increasing visibility for advertisers.

If you haven’t yet made the switch from a Facebook business page to paid advertising, now is the time to move forward to keep up with Facebook’s evolution.