Responsive Design – Now or Never

Big news in our industry: in their upcoming algorithm rollout, Google will be bolstering their rankings even more to mobile-friendly sites. This announcement comes some 14 months after Google’s first announcement it would be penalizing sites without proper responsive design and other user-friendly mobile elements. Hopefully, you’ve gotten this far in the article and have nothing to worry about. But if you don’t know what we’re talking about, listen up.

No longer can you ignore your mobile customers. At SteerPoint, we include responsive design in every web buildout. It’s not optional anymore — it’s a requirement. Trends indicate that more people are relying on mobile devices (especially in purchasing), and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. So before you keep ignoring our cry to make your site passable when the new algorithm hits, read these reasons as to why it’s essential for you to switch before the May changes. Google

Google AMP — Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) rollout from last fall offers a stripped down version of a web page that includes only the most vital text, images, videos and other content. In removing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Google AMP allows users to find the best content without issue. Google claims a nearly 30% drop off for all users who are dissatisfied with the convolutedness and slow load times of mobile pages, and they’re taking action to eradicate those for user purposes. Now, when you search, Google gives you a mobile-optimized list based upon content relevancy and ease at which to use.

If you’re not optimized for mobile, you’re falling further behind your competitors that are. Why does that matter? See below:


— Over 80% of internet users do so on a smartphone.

— 30% of all internet traffic is generated from mobile devices — and that number is growing!

— 70% of the time a mobile search is made, an action is taken with the hour.

— Users give a page roughly seven seconds before determining if it’s useful.

— 90% of all mobile web traffic goes to those on the first page

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