Predictions for SEO Strategies in 2015

Businesses constantly have to adapt their SEO strategies to the changing world of internet marketing. With Google updating its algorithms every year, SEO specialists must stay on top of all the changes if they want to keep their sites’ rankings. Here are some interesting predictions for the upcoming changes in 2015 for internet marketing.

Automated Results = Quality Over Quantity

The way consumers use their personal technology is changing with artificial intelligence assistants like Siri and Cortana. Systems like these led search engine developers to create new, innovative SEOways to decipher the true meaning behind search engine queries. Bing and Google already implement automation services that collect generated data to return contextual search results that mean more to the searcher. Marketing strategists will have to develop new ways to integrate numerous contextual values into their campaigns. The days of stuffing are a thing of the past; contemporary keywords have to mean something.

Optimization for Mobile Searching

Recent data studies show the manner in which consumers search is currently undergoing a complete shift. For the first time, searches conducted on mobile phones will surpass the amount of searches made from computers. This means that search behaviors need to be taken into account when developing a marketing strategy. For example, someone searching “restaurants” on a phone while riding in a car will need results tailored to location and direction of travel, whereas someone doing the same search at home will get more standard results. Additionally, companies will need to be sure their websites are optimized for mobile devices.

Smarter Ad Platforms

Ad platforms are already pretty smart. They analyze data provided through searches and tailor advertisements to consumers based on the results. And, because of artificial intelligence, they successfully automate the process. However, this may make the user experience slightly confusing and tedious. Platform providers currently invest in methods for improving usability and making processes completely automated.

Growing demand means growing intelligence, and these systems were adopted quickly for forecasting, automation, and delivery of quality advertisements. Scaled automation services will provide advertisers with services that are efficient, user friendly, and affordable, so even niche companies can reap the benefits. Eventually, companies will be able to simply set their budget and goal and let the system do the rest.

As the world of search engine optimization continues to evolve, marketers should look forward to new ways to connect with their consumers. Automation systems and analytics are getting smarter and adapting to the way people search, and it is changing how results are provided. Digital marketing campaigns must adapt with them.

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