PPC out of Control

If you are not comparing your PPC development to your organic results than you are wasting money!

After a week of new client interviews this week, I was once again reminded of how many companies call “PPC” – “SEO”. I was also shocked at how many companies are running a strong PPC campaign but the organic results have not developed over the life of the campaign.

When you engage an Internet marketing strategy you need to be clear on the roles of PPC and organic and set milestones so that you know they are both working in your best interest. Remember PPC is a lot of upfront work and then just a few tweaks here and there depending on your market. But what tends to happen is the cash flow from managing a PPC campaigns is so strong, the organic optimization takes a back seat. The mentality is: “if I get the company to the top spots for their main keywords they are going to reduce monthly spend and in return reduce my monthly”.

Now I caution you to avoid the “triple dip” game. Triple dip is when you had your site developed on a proprietary system (one that you don’t own nor have full access to the code to have an independent SEO firm provide an annual review report), and they are in charge of your PPC and organic. Once you are inside this “web development box” it becomes financially tough to make a move right or left. You are sometimes bounded by the lack of information to make an informed decision.

Think of PPC and organic SEO as the Yin and the Yang of Internet Marketing. You need them both but you need control and results more.