Optimize Amazon: How to Get Your Products to Number One

While we all know and love Google, one important search engine that shouldn’t be overlooked by the e-commerce community any longer is Amazon. Amazon is the number one product search engine in the U.S., and just like Google, navigating their complex algorithms takes patience. Merchants will have happier consumers and better rankings if they utilize a few key SEO tricks that produce good Amazon rankings.

Product Searches

When people visit Amazon, they have a purpose. Normally, they go straight to the search bar and start typing. As a seller, keep this in mind when tailoring your product. Remember that most of your consumers are shopping for your product in particular. The steps that Amazon provides for each seller is a strategic part of getting your product to the top of the list.

In This Case, Longer is Better

You don’t have to use all 500 characters that Amazon allows for product titles, but it is wise to make your title as specific as possible and throw in as many relevant keywords as possible.

For example, the title of this set of microfiber cleaning cloths seems clear and approachable. Now, look at these Vibrawipe Microfiber Cloths. These cloths rank on the first page of Amazon results while the others don’t appear until page four. The second merchant successfully uses keywords to climb the ladder of Amazon rankings.

Optional Really Means Mandatory

Amazon might be telling you that details like the product bullet points are optional, but if you want good rankings, be smart and fill these in. Customers want to know exactly what they’re buying. So tell them! Don’t hold back from giving them each exact detail about what your product does, what other products it’s compatible with, and how your product with help the prospective buyer.

Even if you think these bullet points are explanation enough, make sure to give a product description. Keep telling people why your product is the best. Though it is also not a required field, fill it in anyway.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Maybe you already put useful keywords in the title, and it feels like overdoing it to put them in the keyword field. In the case of Amazon, this is not overdoing it. The keyword field is an important part of how Amazon calculates its rankings.

Remember, Google and Amazon are different breeds of search engines. Study each of their unique algorithms to get your products higher on the list.