Open Facebook Posts

Sometimes social media can be looked at as an experiment – what is posted, when, what links are posted, photos, phrases, funny sayings, etc.  What seems to garner the most comments or the most “likes?”  Using trial and error, clients can see what things are posted on Facebook for example, that gain the most “talk.”

We’ve told our clients at SteerPoint that as long as you are engaging your target audience, on a consistent basis, you will eventually see your social media conversations increase, therefore boosting your website rankings. How do you do this?  How do you create something relevant and interesting all of the time?

Here are types of posts that might get your audience talking and interacting on a more frequent basis:

  • Photos:  
    • These are popular! Silly ones, ones of staff members, business training sessions, social events, etc.  Our clients have gained the most likes and comments from posting photos on Facebook.
  • Call to action:
    • Just as you have a call to action on your website, you can also ask your Facebook fans to “like” your post, share it or post a comment.
  • Videos:
    • They get shared – viral Youtube videos, expert training videos, humorous, etc.
  • Holiday wishes:
    • As you would on your personal Facebook page, wish your customers/clients holiday wishes additionally.
  • Ask a Question:
    • Ask customers what their favorite product is. By asking a question, you get people talking and interacting based on answers. You might also find an idea for a new product or service!
  • Fill in the blank:  
    • Let your fans share their own response.  A great example might be:  “My favorite vacation destination is _____________.” It doesn’t necessarily have to pertain to your business – often it’s better to post something different than business related material.
  • Quotes:  
    • People love quotes. Use them! Whether it be related to a holiday, cute, whimsical, just goofy – anything as long as it’s appropriate.
  • Testimonials:
    • If you have some kind words you have received from customers and/or clients, post them, it increases your credibility as a business.
  • Gratitude:  
    • Say thank you to your Facebook fans.

These are just some creative tips used by our social media professionals at SteerPoint. The important thing to remember is to be different each