Now Is the Time to Maximize SEO for the Holidays

At this time of year everyone’s search patterns swing from their normal course into the holiday stream. If you’re still steering the old course, you may find the stream drying up on you. A vital part of maintaining SEO is to adjust to the flow, and always be right where your customers are searching. For this reason, right now is the time to get started on the small adjustments that will make the difference this holiday season.

The Lag in Google
Like a large ship making a turn, Google is not immediately able to change course. When you update your website, Google does not take immediate notice and update its search results. In fact, it can take weeks for Google to scan your site for the latest keywords. The sooner you start getting holiday content on your website, the sooner customers will find you in their search results. Research shows that customers are starting earlier to begin thinking about holiday purchases. If you’re not in their search results, someone else will be.

Plan for Content
Do you always run a sale the weekend after Thanksgiving? Begin planning your content now to better communicate in a way that attracts searchers’ attention. Additionally, there’s no reason why you can’t begin reminding everyone of your yearly sale starting now. Plan now for several different smaller content additions rather than merely one larger holiday “catch all”. Keep in mind the big sales days that people search for: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small
Business Saturday.

Measurement and Analysis
Begin to look back at last year’s keywords and how effective your marketing was. Analyzing trends from previous holiday seasons can help you chart your course over the coming weeks. But this isn’t something you can do at the last minute. Planning for content depends on knowing what the trends are going to be this season. Getting content in place early means the analysis needs to begin ahead of time. Having a strategy in place means knowing which way the current will move in the future. That starts with looking back over the previous year and immediately applying those insights to the present.