What Not to Do With Your Social Media Campaigns

As aficionados of all things social media, we’re actively checking social media platforms for what’s new, what’s good and what’s bad. And because we see many brands practicing faux pas, we wanted to expound some advice for businesses on what not do.


social_mediaDon’t Prioritize Page Likes Over Post Likes — The important thing is to create good content that leads to shares. Yes, having people like your page is important. But expanding your reach by posting material that compels them to share is the best way to find new eyeballs.

Don’t Be Repetitive — Keep your message consistent, but your format different. This might be difficult, but it’s very important to mix up the way your present information. For instance, posting a PDF image for sale is a great tactic. But people might not pay attention if you post 14 different PDFs per week. Add videos, blog posts, links — anything to keep your feed fresh.


Don’t Tweet Too Much — Tweeting 20 times a day to get your message across is an inept use of the platform. Understanding your Twitter audience means striking a good balance between too much and too little. So interspersing a couple of promotional tweets with some fun, personal thoughts makes your brand relatable.

Don’t Be Basic — Using generic hashtags and putting out banal tweets won’t help you garner retweets, likes, and impressions. Be funny, creative and different. Twitter users appreciate humor and variety.


Don’t Sound Like a Ghostwriter — Injecting a personal flair will help your business. People don’t want to hear from an unattached source. They want to hear from you.

Don’t Send Generic Invitations — To go hand in hand with writing your own content, be sure to personalize your invitations. This way you’re breaking through the generic noise that floods inboxes. You’ll also sound more interested, which can go a long way in creating a business relationship.


Don’t Be A Loner — Pinterest is all about sharing. So if you aren’t liking other businesses and users, you’re not really capturing the spirit of the platform. Engaging with people is a really good look to users.

Don’t Use Bad Images — Due to the visual nature of Pinterest, posting images that aren’t optimized can make you appear as if you don’t know what you’re doing. If an image is the wrong size, too blurry or low quality, don’t pin it.


Be Flexible — Similar to the other platforms we’ve gone over, Pinterest also needs variety. Users won’t feel inspired by your pictures if they’re looking at the same images over and over.

Don’t be a Stranger — Showcase your employees, your office, and events. Instagram users appreciate a company’s efforts to display a more personal side.

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Thanks for reading!