Magento Go Users: 3 Ways They Can Protect Their Future

Since Magento Go was purchased by eBay, small businesses across the country are feeling a pang of doubt about what will happen to their online store come February 1, 2015. Magento Go provided an accessible platform for small businesses to distinguish themselves in the vast world of e-commerce.

loading..Before Magento Go disappears in a few months, small business owners should take precautionary steps to ensure their rankings don’t disappear after the company does.

Keep Your Website Highly Organized

When you categorize your business accurately, it helps. Small businesses with a special niche need to promote what makes them different from large corporations with the same offerings. Describe products as specifically as possible because it will help your rankings stay higher. When people search for products you carry, there is a better chance of remaining in the top listings. Include high-quality photos and detailed descriptions for everything.

Connect With Your Public

Your website only takes you so far. You also need to actively connect with other local forums to boost rankings. Websites like Yelp can help you build a loyal following and will attract new customers to your website.

Small businesses that want to fully utilize these types of listings should spend time sprucing up their page by adding as much accurate information as possible, utilizing keywords, and working to convey a positive image for their business overall. In order to keep rankings up, you have to be an active participant in the online world.

Trust a Professional

There are plenty of online marketing companies that understand the complexities of keeping rankings intact. Trusting one of them with the future of your small business could be the difference between surviving the platform transition and falling back to the bottom of the list.

An online marketing company will help you regain confidence in your businesses. Switching platforms is challenging and full of unexpected twists as you work to stay established online. These professionals will help keep your brand distinguished from the competition and optimize content to keep rankings up.

The closing of Magento Go will be painful for many small businesses and ultimately destroy business for many. However, if you are truly interested in preserving the longevity of your business, learn the ropes of SEO to ensure success after February 1, 2015. It will require a large investment of time, but the outcome will be worth it. SEO is one of the best ways small businesses can invest in their futures. If you’d like to talk more about SEO, contact us today!