Keeping Your Content Updated: Tips and Benefits

There are a number of reasons why it is important to continuously update your content, especially when it comes to your SEO strategy. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons why.

Showing Consumers That Your Brand is Active

If people are interested in your subject matter, then they are definitely going to keep coming back to your site to see new content. But what about the content that’s already there? Of course it’s important to make sure that you are regularly updating your site with fresh content, but it’s also very important to make sure that your existing content doesn’t fall by the wayside – especially since you’ve already invested the time and resources that it takes to produce it.

Photo: by MoneyBlogNewz

If all that’s on your site is old content that hasn’t been touched in months – or, even worse, in years – then your brand is not going to look very busy. If anything, consumers may even think that your business is inactive or has gone out of business. If that’s the impression they’re getting, then they may go elsewhere for the product or service they are looking for. But by updating your site with new content and updating your existing content, you will ensure that consumers know that your company is going strong.

Boosting Your Rankings in Search Results

If you go back through your existing content and update it, search engines “know” that you are updating your site. Think about the content you’ve put up that has been the most successful. That’s the content you want to make sure you’re updating. So if someone is using that old content, your updates with new news about the topic will help your readers out a lot because they’ll be able to see the latest information on that topic.

Tips for Keeping Content Up to Date

You might be thinking, but what about new content? I spend so much time and energy on keeping the company blog updated with new posts and articles, why would I go back and fuss with the old stuff? Let’s look at how easy it can be.

We’ve already mentioned how useful it can be to update your older but more successful content. That’s definitely the place to start. If you’re using some kind of analytics or website reporting tools, then you can quickly and easily identify which pages are performing the best, getting your company the most readers and the most leads.

Once you have the pages you want to update, skim or re-read the text so you can remember what the content was about. Then, consider what may have happened since that content was written. If you can think of any new information or news about the topic, go ahead and add in the new information where it’s relevant. Or if you really want people to know that you’re keeping your content fresh, put a bold UPDATE notice at the bottom of the page.