How iPhone X Could Impact Mobile Site Design

Steve Troughton-Smith, an iPhone software programmer, recently leaked the details of Apple’s next three iPhone series – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X on Twitter. Shortly after, Apple confirmed the roll out of iPhone X, calling it “the biggest leap since the original iPhone.” Although the finer details are still shrouded in secret, iPhone X will have facial recognition capabilities, a corner-to-corner touch screen, and a super retina display. Here’s what the newest iPhone could mean for mobile website design.

Thanks to the iPhone X’s corner-to-corner display, website managers could potentially have more room to play with. There will be no home button, offering more room for the screen display. No part of the iPhone’s display will appear black during use. This means that users will be able to touch, swipe, and tap more areas on the mobile screen. Site designers could take advantage of this by including more tappable icons in further corners of the screen.

With more of the screen visible and functional, websites can expand mobile site infrastructures and experiment with new mobile interactions. Expect more interactions between the user and mobile content – more swiping, tapping, pinching, and so on. Mobile site designers will need to accommodate the new iPhone X screen, as it will present a visual “without borders.” Take advantage of more screen time by loading your site with responsive technology and eye-catching visuals.

Greater Demand for High-Quality Website Graphics

The “super” retina display on the iPhone X will span 5.8 inches long. Phil Schiller, the head of marketing for Apple, stated that the display on iPhone X will be much sharper than any of the previous models because it uses OLED technology. OLED panels use organic, carbon-based materials to emit light, rather than a backlight and filters like LCD displays. The OLED iPhone display will present exceptional picture quality. Colors will be more brilliant, contrast will be more definite, and the viewer will enjoy a better overall experience.

Web designers should capitalize on the new super retina displays by upgrading website imagery and graphics. High-quality, original photographs will be more important than ever. Users will not be impressed with graphics that fall short on the sharper OLED display. Gorgeous photography will shine on the new mobile screen, as will high-quality videos, GIFs, and other graphics. Site designers should work to optimize images before the iPhone X gets into the hands of consumers.

Apple has announced the release date of iPhone X to be November 3, 2017. With a price point of $999, however, it is unclear just how many consumers will have this device in their pockets right away.