How Your Company Blog Works With Social Media

If you’ve done any research on social media marketing, you’ve probably already read about the importance of having a social media strategy. A key component of social media strategy involves your company blog. A reputable marketing company understands that search engine optimization through blog content and social media marketing go hand in hand.

social_mediaSocial Media Strategy vs. SEO

Many businesses have trouble seeing how social media and blogging are related. Social media communications are brief and spontaneous. Blogs are carefully crafted and provide a lot of information. Blog posts act like their own webpages with keywords and images that impact your ranking with search engines. Every time you post new content, search engine bots index that page.

Social media likes, shares, and links don’t directly influence your ranking, but they’re still important to search engine optimization (SEO). Google indexes social media and posts to evaluate social signals. A solid marketing strategy uses both social media and blogging in tandem.

Blogging and social media complement each other. Use your company blog to offer long-form posts on topics that interest your users on social media and use social media to promote your blog. Leverage your content through social media and use these channels to gather information for future content.

Social Media Drives Engagement

Adweek announced that the average person spends more time on social media than they do eating, drinking, or talking with friends. Users spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook alone. Your clients are already on social media, so it makes sense to engage with them there.

Offer carefully created blog content on social media to reach a wide audience. When people click through to read it, your time on page engagement rises as users remain on your site to take in useful content, and your bounce rate drops. Sharing your blog on social media also puts it in front of influencers and makes it more likely to be shared by users with a committed fan base.

Social Media Provides Insight

Use what your audience is discussing on social media to plan material for blog posts. What questions are they asking? What creates a strong emotional response? Read what matters to them about your industry or product and use those insights to create content both users and search engines love.

While clicks, likes, and shares might not directly influence SEO, and not every new website user will make a purchase, these are still valuable evaluation tools. Look for recurring themes that cause users to click and find pain points that you can address in your blog. Content shares show your audience identifies with something you wrote and thinks their friends might as well.

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