How do we target the Millennials?

SteerPoint is graciously hosting a paid intern over the summer from Ball State University, and after conversing with this soon to be senior college student, (whom will be also entering the workforce in less than one year) some key findings have been discussed relating to the “millennials” and how to relate to this age group by way of internet marketing in particular.

This Millennial Generation is also known as Generation Y – born sometime between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s, and we’ve talked to many clients that just honestly, don’t know how to reach and engage with them!

One word: Twitter!

The millennials don’t like Facebook – at all. Here’s a comprehensive list of why this age group doesn’t want to engage on this social media network:

1.Tweets can be read quicker
2. Tweets are easier to read
3. More parents, grandparents, etc. are active Facebook users now
4. Facebook has more viruses
5. Facebook has more creepers
6. Facebook is more time consuming
7. Twitter allows for re-tweets
8. Twitter is easier to use from your smartphone
9. Game requests & page requests are annoying on Facebook
10. Facebook notifications tend to be annoying
11. Twitter is easier to manage your followers/following
12. Facebook is still good for uploading pictures, but most use Instagram or Vine (editing, cropping, etc)

So, words of wisdom from SteerPoint – if you’re trying to market to this group of consumers – use Twitter!