Holiday Marketing Videos: Start Now

It’s very likely that this will be the largest 4th Quarter for e-commerce in the history of….
well, e-commerce.

The restrictions associated with the 2020 health pandemic have created a perfect storm of opportunity for online businesses. It’s no surprise that there has already been a seismic shift to e-commerce since the start of the health emergency. Online sales are poised to take a huge leap in volume this holiday season.

Using Video to stay in front of your customers.

When integrated into your media plans, video is a powerful way to influence and persuade this holiday season. Video marketing has essentially transcended devices – desktop, tablet, mobile, social – and is a powerful and integrated way to enhance your brand recall and product likability. It’s an ideal medium to stay in front of on-line shoppers.

Start Early.
Search trends from earlier this year indicate that people are shopping earlier than in year’s past; Father’s Day gift and product searches spiked 3 weeks earlier this year than in 2019 according to Amazon. This trend is consistent around the Halloween holiday as well.

As of this writing, many stalwart retailers are opting to close on Thanksgiving Day – reversing a trend from the past several shopping seasons. And, many are still deciding exactly when and if they will be open on Black Friday. Early proactive marketing makes good tactical sense. We’ve seen some research that indicates 38% of Christmas and holiday shopping is completed before Black Friday.

Integrate Video into Your Plans.

SteerPoint Media produces videos in all business sectors for a variety of client uses and budget levels. We can help with shooting, editing or even just a video strategy for your business. We encourage DIY video projects, however, especially if they are tactical, single use have limited shelf-life or time-sensitive offers.

Send Holiday E Cards.
Take on a holiday theme in outbound emails and include a video. Demonstrate a new product, take a video tour around your business or explain the detail of delivery or cub-side services. These are all things shoppers are craving at the moment.

Write and Stage Emails – In Advance.
Reviewing what’s worked in past years is a great place to start. Also, make note of things that didn’t work. It can save planning time this holiday season. Put a new spin on pieces that were successful by making a quick video that communicates the most salient new points for 2020.

Get Busy with Social Media.
Video makes everything you do on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram much more memorable and impactful.

RePurpose and Reuse.
Continuing to generate unique social content on a regular basis can be exhausting. Remember to reuse and re-package existing content across multiple platforms. Use social to amplify the offers you are already making in on-line ads, shopping specials or website blogs.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to be perfect. Striving for the most attractive designs, the snappiest graphics or the coolest video is great. However, making a strong offer to an interested party in a timely manner is about 90% of the formula for marketing success!