Google’s May 2022 Core Update Is Here: What It Means for Your Website’s SEO

May was a busy month for major tech players. As of early June, the deployment of Google’s May 2022 Core Update is now officially complete, and many website owners and e-commerce professionals are wondering what it means for their SEO.

While changes to Google’s algorithms can have a serious impact on your website’s performance, this isn’t a time for panic. Don’t be in a hurry to overhaul your SEO strategy completely just because Google tweaked their technology. Gather the necessary data to determine not just if the Google May 2022 Core Update has impacted your performance, but in exactly what way and to what extent.

Google May 2022 Core Update – Five Fast Facts

Take a look at this overview of the update:

  1. The rollout was completed in 15 days (May 25 to June 9, 2022). The estimated rollout time had been previously given as two weeks, so the completion of the project was more or less on schedule.
  2. Google did not provide a number when asked by reporters what percentage of total searches will be affected by the updated algorithm.
  3. Early feedback from the SEO community indicates that the update “feels” bigger than the last major core update in November 2021.
  4. Some disruptions to normal web traffic were noticed in the initial phase of the update.
  5. The core update applies to all types of content and queries across all regions and languages.

If your website ranking was negatively impacted by the Google May 2022 Core Update, you might feel frustrated — and you are not alone. Many in the SEO community shared screenshots of volatile traffic data in the wake of the update. Some showed large improvements while others showed devastating drops in activity.

Many social media groups and message boards in the SEO community are already sharing tips and tricks for helping negatively impacted peers recover their rankings.

Google itself has also offered some advice on their blog for website owners who have been harmed by core updates, but unfortunately, a lot of it isn’t very specific or actionable. Google’s official help takes the form of a list of questions that might help you find the right angle from which to approach your website overhaul, but there are no real instructions for fixing issues. Some of the questions are reasonable, if obvious — for example, “does the content provide original information?” Other items are subjective and almost beyond uselessness, such as “stylistic issues.”

Why Google’s Core Updates Matter

Google’s search algorithm holds a tremendous amount of power over the way we use the internet. With over 90% of all searches performed on Google, their algorithm just might be the most important customer you’ll ever please. Being aware of when these major updates occur and then carefully tracking how they impact your web traffic are crucial habits to develop and can help lead to sustainable, long-term success of any commercial web project.

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