Google Local New Presentation in Organic

Is Google making another change?

Last week while logged into my Google account, I witnessed a new presentation to Google’s organic search result.

It looks like they are testing to see if people prefer the Google Local combined with organic results. My first thought is “I hate it” – not because it’s change (I welcome change) but knowing that Google still has issues with the algorithm for Local. Combining the two just doesn’t seem right in today’s search results.

But after a few days I did realize Google’s true intent here is simple – they are pushing “Google Local” to become the “World’s Best” online phone directory. Let’s face it Yellow Pages and Yellow Book (if there is a difference) are dying dinosaurs. I have for years advised clients to stay clear of both because they promise but never deliver compared to a professional search company. In fact (after talking to salespeople in these companies) they go after the people who are lacking websites because they know they are uninformed about the web.

How many times do you see in your organic results a listing from one of these directories? You don’t and with this change Google will make sure you will never see them again!