Google Helpful Content Update

Google frequently changes its algorithms to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital world. The intent is to provide users with the most relevant and accurate results, but these updates can cause issues for business owners and web admins who struggle to keep up.

The latest announcement from Google reveals a big new update for its search ranking algorithm: Google Helpful Content Update. This update is designed to help surface more valuable and relevant content in search results while weeding out low-quality content written only to trigger higher search rankings without actually providing much value to the human reader.

Why Did Google Launch the Helpful Content Update?

The Helpful Content Update is just the latest in a long line of algorithm updates that Google has released over the years. However, this update is unique in that its primary focus is on content quality. In the past, Google focused more on a website’s technical backends, such as link building and keyword density. However, the company has gradually shifted its focus in recent years to front-end content quality.

The Helpful Content Update addresses a common problem that Google has been facing: low-quality content. While there is no shortage of content on the internet, much of it is poorly written and doesn’t provide much value to the reader. This update is Google’s latest attempt at encouraging more useful and helpful content in its search results.

What Does the Helpful Content Update Mean for Businesses?

The Helpful Content Update is a major algorithm update that has the potential to significantly impact businesses that rely on Google for SEO traffic. If your website contains content that could be flagged as low-quality, it’s time to start revamping your site.

Consider taking these actions to improve the quality of your content:

  • Hire a professional copywriter or editor to help improve the quality of your content.
  • Revisit any content that was written for a search engine rather than a human audience.
  • Remove any heavy automation from your content creation process.
  • Align your content with trending topics in your industry rather than having a ton of various topics up, hoping that some of it will hit SEO favorably.
  • Ensure your content provides complete thoughts and doesn’t leave readers feeling they need to go back to Google and search for more information.
  • Give your website authority by making clear that you have expertise in the niche subjects on which you are writing.
  • Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
  • Publish fresh content regularly.

If you take the time to improve the quality of your content, you will be rewarded with better search engine rankings and more web traffic with this update. Google has said this is just the beginning and will be rolling out more content quality updates in the future, so now is the time to get started.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can help. The digital marketing experts at SteerPoint have intensively studied Google’s ever-changing algorithms and can help you adjust your content strategy accordingly. Contact us today to learn more.