Email Marketing List – How Should You Go About Getting One


There are a lot of reasons to build a marketing email list and a lot of ways to do it. Email provides an alternative to social media and is 40 times more effective than a tweet or Facebook post. This is why email lists are particularly important for marketers on the hunt for potential customers and visitors. However, there’s one surefire way an email list will backfire – buying one.

The Danger of a Purchased Email Listemail_lists

Purchasing an email list can seem like the easiest way for a company to obtain one, but don’t fall for it. It’s not only impractical in terms of cost, but it’s also the least effective way to attract customers. Upon purchasing an email list, you will receive emails from people who aren’t interested in your company, risk a penalty from your email service, and harm your deliverability and IP reputation. Not to mention, any email list that is considered to be a good one won’t be for sale.

The best email list starts with targeting potential customers.

Alternatives to Purchasing an Email List – Owning Your Own Opt-In

The best way to acquire an email list is to build one organically. There are different ways to do this. The type of business you have will determine the best one for you. Some of these include:

  1. Inbound Marketing Strategy

With inbound marketing, companies target those potential consumers who might have an interest in what you are selling through social media posts, pop-up images and ads, and surveys. Oftentimes, when these types of marketing tactics are used, viewers will go to a company’s website and register for the email list.

  1. Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation campaigns attract viewers to your homepage by using call-to-actions within their ads. Examples of these include sharing informative blog posts, product promotions across social media, and product trial offers and coupons.

  1. Showing Leadership Through Content

By showing leadership, companies are gaining potential customers’ trust. This can be achieved by displaying brand helpfulness through tutorials and other posts that help your readers learn something new.

How to Grow an Opt-In Email List (Without Paying for Somebody Else’s)

Once you have learned how to acquire an email list, it is important to learn how to grow it so that you are able to reach all your target audiences. Here are a few tips for growing your email list.

Exchange It

A person’s email has value; treat it that way by offering an exchange for it. People are more likely to provide their email or subscribe to your website if you are providing them with something useful. A percentage off a first purchase or free shipping are a couple of easy options.

Create Useful Tools

Again, people want to subscribe or purchase something that benefits them. By creating tools that appeal to the senses, you are creating something worth investing in. This can be done by asking for subscribers’ emails in exchange for a quick demo or tutorial of the product. This small step can also help users see your product or service as something of value – so it works double duty.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promote what you have to offer through a variety of avenues. Have your campaigns and ads lead potential subscribers to your homepage, and ask for their email upon entering the website. The more promotion you do, the more traffic to your webpage.

Contact SteerPoint to Learn More

Marketing email lists are vital for companies to grow subscribers and clients. Rather than purchasing an email list, using the strategies above will help companies create lists that will be most beneficial to them. For help building your email list, contact Steerpoint today.