Developing Content for Social Media Marketing

Many businesses keep hearing how important social media marketing is in today’s world, but fail to see how it impacts the bottom line. In reality, few businesses use key social networks to their full potential. Instead, they maintain a modest presence that rarely inspires audience engagement. To earn a return through social media, brands must focus on the quality and quantity of content they produce.

Challenges of Social Media Marketing

Organic social media posts have a limited lifespan. Social media feeds generally show the most relevant and timely information available based on recorded user habits. For some brands, this means low visibility from the start. If your content does not encourage engagement, it can disappear in a sea of more interesting and relevant posts.

To overcome the short lifespan of social media content, brands must constantly generate entertaining, informative, relevant, and easily consumable content. Often, brands need a mixture of organic and paid social content to stand out in the minds of users and earn conversions.

Building an ROI-Driven Social Media Content Strategy

Knowing that you need relevant and engaging content is different from producing it on a consistent basis. Few businesses have the time or resources to engage with users in real time constantly. Instead, they must anticipate user behaviors, engage strategically, and build quality content.

Use these tips to maximize your social media content strategy for a greater return:

  • Use platform analytics reports. Most social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, offer analytics tools to help businesses identify trending topics, user behaviors, and other crucial details. Instead of guessing about content choices, use data to inform your content schedule and produce content your audience will want to read.
  • Stay in touch with global events. Businesses don’t have to share branded content to market themselves successfully. Instead, a relevant and timely statement or response to current events can help brands connect with users at a personal level. Show your audience that you care about more than the next sale to win over their hearts and support.
  • Invest in visual content. Content doesn’t always mean lengthy blog posts or catchy statements. A simple image, video, GIF, or cinemagraph may convey your message better than any status update.
  • Take advantage of social advertising. Use ad platforms to position yourself in front of new, qualified leads. Work with social media professionals to create captivating advertisements your audience will see and remember. Each appearance increases the likelihood of a meaningful brand interaction.
  • Share company culture. Give social media users a glimpse into daily life at your company. Highlight event pictures, volunteer work, and other well-rounded activities that exhibit company values. Consumers want to engage with brands that take time to develop a brand relationship that goes beyond product and service information.

Social media marketing is a different ballgame from other internet marketing strategies. It requires a certain finesse and commitment to engagement. Use these tips and engage as much as possible on your top two or three social networks to generate interest, earn conversions, and grow your bottom line. Need help with your social media strategy? Contact us today!