Designing a New Website in 2017? How to Stay Current

Your website is the epicenter of your online presence. Without a good design and some excellent content, it’s impossible to stand out from your competitors. Design trends are always changing – something that worked in the past may not be the best bet for a new year. Utilize these web design points to stand out from the crowd in 2017.

1. Mobile-Friendly Contentwebsite

For the first time in history, more people are browsing the internet from their cell phones and tablets than from their laptops and desktops. It’s absolutely necessary for you to refine your mobile presence to reach the most customers. This includes renovating your web page and creating apps.

2. Responsive Design in an Age-Based Format

All age groups learn and react differently. It’s only logical that this applies to websites, too. A website should have information and designs specific to its target group. Even more impressive, pages need to change, depending on the specific user, by the end of next year. That means older visitors can enjoy bigger fonts while younger crowds won’t be annoyed by too many toolbar options.

3. Creative Color and Space

Minimalist styles are fantastic, but they’re also used heavily these days. People are searching for vivid colors and soothing styles to complement sleek web pages. Clutter is still a big negative, but don’t be afraid to add some interesting graphics and fonts to your design.

4. Compartmental Loading

Also referred to as “lazy loading,” this strategy allows portions of the page to load without waiting for all of the content to be visible. Lazy loading saves time, but it can also cut back on data – which equates to savings for browsers and companies alike.

5. Custom Images

Stock images work well in most cases, but they don’t compare to customized graphics and photos. Replace stock images with high-quality custom options whenever you can.

6. On-Boarding

This tactic is becoming common across today’s websites – and will likely expand in 2017. On-boarding refers to offering a trailer or introduction video to convince customers that the business is worth supporting. When done correctly, it greatly increases the chance of making a sale.

Staying on top of all these design tweaks doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. When you follow these upcoming web design trends and work with digital marketing agencies like SteerPoint, you’ll create an online experience your users won’t soon forget.